Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk is a series of restaurants that take the casual upscale dining experience to the next level. They offer delicious meals that cater to every diet type. From vegan to gluten-free, everyone will be served with warm hospitality at Cooper’s Hawk.

What Is Casual Upscale Dining?

Casual upscale dining is the best of both worlds. It gives customers upscale and classy food with the service and friendliness of a casual staff. The experience toes the line between a fancy restaurant and family-friendly restaurant. It is the perfect medium because the food is of top quality, but it is not overpriced. The service is 5-star restaurant staff with the smile and friendliness of having a family dinner.

What Makes Cooper’s Hawk Stand Out?

Cooper’s Hawk has become widely known as a premier casual upscale dining establishment. They have their own winemaker who prepares all their wines with special Illinois-based grapes. These wines are specially created, packaged, and sent to locations all around the U.S. The wine is all grown and made in the United States, so there is no lack of quality in their beverages.

Cooper’s Hawk also hosts wine tasting events in their special wine room. These tasting sessions are more affordable than their extremely pricey counterparts but still offer the same amazing wine-based experience. The events are monthly, and Cooper’s Hawk takes pride in being able to provide the wine tasting to everyone who wants it (if they are of legal drinking age, of course).

What’s on the Menu?

 The menu is tailored to anyone who enters. There are options to make everyone feel as if they are a part of the Cooper’s Hawk experience. Their wine menu is extensive, boasting over 50 different varieties, all homegrown and uniquely flavored. They also offer other types of alcohol from domestic and international beers to specialty cocktails made in-house.

Of course, there are non-alcoholic beverages offered as well, for those under the legal drinking age. There is coffee, tea, and various different Coca-Cola products.

The appetizers give customers a taste of different cultures around the world, while also having a distinctly American flavor.

The entrees are divided by their main protein and range from juicy burgers to tasty fish dishes. There are also salad options for those looking for something lighter and healthier. They also offer most of their entrees in lunch sizes for a fraction of the price (in case you’re not feeling as hungry).

Lastly, Cooper’s Hawk desserts are to die for. They offer creamy cakes, melty sundaes, and even dessert wines to enjoy. The restaurant also offers a special kid’s menu, catering, and carry out if you call them or order online.

Restaurant Atmosphere

 Cooper’s Hawk is a perfect place for a date or a family night out for those in the Ashburn neighborhood. Their designs are chic and modern but add a touch of hominess to make customers feel classy but comfortable. If you love eating good food in a relaxed atmosphere, then you’ll love dining at this Ashburn restaurant.

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Aloft Dulles Airport North Hotel

The Aloft Dulles Airport North Hotel is the premier hotel in Ashburn, Virginia.  Located just ten minutes from Washington Dulles International Airport via the hotel’s complimentary airport shuttle service, this hotel is ideally situated to cater to travelers with an overnight layover as well as visitors to Ashburn.

Ashburn’s location in the heart of the Dulles Technology Corridor places you minutes away from the headquarters of a wide assortment of high-tech corporations such as Verizon and AOL and government contractors like the I.T./cybersecurity firm Telos and defense contractor Airbus, Inc.  Tourists are just a short trek from all the national monuments in Washington D.C. as well as its collection of museums like the Smithsonian.

The Aloft Dulles Airport North is part of the Marriott chain of hotels and features all the extra touches travelers have come to expect like an in-hotel pantry featuring drink and snacks that are available all hours of the day, as well as a lounge for enjoying drinks and unwinding.  There is also an indoor pool for those looking to relax before working out in the hotel’s gym.

Businessmen can utilize the hotel’s meeting space, which has a capacity for 38 people, as well as the business center, where you can keep in touch with the office using the hotel-wide internet connection.  Forgetting your chargers isn’t an issue as the hotel provides a plug and play connectivity station in all their rooms that are also connected to the in-room 42” flat screen televisions.  The Aloft Dulles Airport North Hotel aims to provide guests with a memorable experience in a classy yet modern setting.

Hotel Rooms

The hotel’s 136 rooms feature king-sized beds or two queen-sized ones facing oversized windows. These rooms offer spectacular views of Washington D.C.  The rooms are all equipped with a plug and play connectivity station that is connected to 42” televisions.  The bathrooms are designed to stimulate the senses with eco-friendly dispensers filled with Bliss Spa Bath toiletries.

Hotel Dining

The Aloft hotel offers two 24-hour options for food.  One is a sundry/convenience store filled with drinks, snacks and other products that a traveler may require or desire.  There is also Re:Fuel by Aloft, an eclectic self-service gourmet eatery featuring mix and match meals, a self-serve coffee station, and daily hot and continental breakfasts.  This is ideal for a quick pick-me-up before venturing out into the city for the day.

There is also the re:mix lounge. The lounge features its ample plush seating set in a vivid colorful setting. Here, you can unwind at the end of the day while enjoying a wide assortment of cocktails, beers and other alcoholic beverages.


The hotel is home to the Re:Charge gym, which has a selection of free weights, treadmills, elliptical machines and weightlifting machine. The Re:Charge gym means you don’t have to miss your regular workout routine.  There is also an indoor pool that is perfect for cooling down on a hot day or swimming a few laps.

The Aloft Dulles Airport North hotel is an excellent choice for vacationers and business travelers looking to stay in the comfort and elegance of a Marriott hotel.

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: More Than Just Movies

If you are someone who loves to go to the movies, then you understand just how important a good movie theater can be. You can see a lot, the movie-watching experience is immersive, and you usually get some great prices. There is also a certain welcoming atmosphere that you find at a local movie theatre.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was founded in 1997 by Tim and Karrie League, a pair who always had a passion for film, food, and drinks. The mission/motto of Alamo is “good food, good beer and good film, all at the same place!” The first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was created in the city of Austin, Texas. The original building featured one screen and was even hand built.

From that starting point, they have grown and changed, but they have always remained dedicated to a quality experience for their customers. Although it has many locations all across the country, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema works hard still to build the local feel in every location they offer, and that is exactly what they do for the Ashburn location as well.

Interaction and Special Offerings within the Local Ashburn Community

Besides their main service of being a local movie theater where Ashburn residents can go to see the latest big blockbusters, Alamo hosts a variety of special programs and movie series. They give the average movie goer something more than the biggest box office sensation of the week.

For example, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema likes to present a lot of new and innovative films, like smaller independent ones that premier only at annual film festivals. They aren’t afraid to show films that make you question the world and challenge your way of thinking. They also like to remember all the great films that have come before. They often do different events that showcase special classics. One of their most popular programs is their Afternoon Tea series, where they screen period films while serving treats and tea.

Another way that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is active in the local Ashburn community is through their support of local businesses. To do their part for the local economy, they often make efforts to hire local companies for services they need like building maintenance and ordering of food and other items. For example, when they need work done to repair their roof (which is important to protecting their valuable equipment), they might turn towards Ridgeline Roofers, which is locally based and specializes in roofing work.

They Craft a Fun Environment for Many Ages and Groups

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has often been praised for their attention to creating a unique environment that virtually any movie goer can feel comfortable and welcomed in. For example, a large demographic that comes to visit their Ashburn location is families. For this reason, it is naturally a very family friendly environment. But at the same time, they also provide an atmosphere where adults and young adults can come to relax, enjoy a couple of beers, and see a movie!

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Ashburn, Virginia

Located in Loudoun County, Ashburn, Virginia is a census-designated city that is 30 miles outside of Washington D.C. between Dulles International Airport in D.C. and Leesburg, Virginia, which is the county seat of Loudoun County. According to the 2010 United States Census, Ashburn has a total area of 17.287 square miles of which 0.262 square miles consists of water while the other 17.025 square miles is land.


According to the 2010 census, Ashburn has a population totaling 43,511 citizens while the greater surrounding area has a population of 54,086 citizens.  The population is an almost even split with 49% of residents being male and 51% being female with an average age of the entire population being 31.6 years old.

Because Ashburn is located within the Dulles Technology Corridor, 42% of the population have earned a B.A. and 18% have earned a Master’s degree.  This high level of college education can be attributed in part to the tech boom going on in that part of Virginia, and it is a major factor in 80% of the population being homeowners of properties with a median value of $345,000.


Being part of the Dulles Technology Corridor has meant that many high-tech businesses have opened offices there.  When Verizon Communications took control of MCI WorldCom in 2006, they took over MCI’s headquarters to house one of their major offices.  Ashburn is also home to several government and military contractors.  Chief among these is Telos, an information technology and cybersecurity firm that works closely with the United States Department of Defense.

Ashburn is also home to one of the corporate offices of Airbus, Inc., which was formerly known as the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company. They are a defense contractor helmed by Sean O’Keefe, a former NASA administrator.  Other tech institutions affiliated with Ashburn are the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus and George Washington University’s Virginia Science and Technology Center as well as the Wikimedia Foundation’s primary data center.


The Loudoun County Public School system oversees all the local public elementary and secondary schools, and there are several private schools that offer both a secular as well as a non-secular education. Ashburn is also home to Strayer as well as George Washington Universities. Additionally, George Mason University has announced in 2009 that they planned on opening a campus in Ashburn.

Sports and Entertainment

Ashburn is home to One Loudoun, a new multimillion-dollar entertainment, sports and residential development that has been planned to be the focal point of the new downtown area for Loudoun County.  There are also ties to the National Football League, with the Washington Redskins housing their training camp at Redskins Park in Ashburn.

Famous People and Places

Ashburn is the location of two residences on the National Register of Historic Places.  These are the Belmont Manor House, notably used as a safe haven for President Madison during the War of 1812, and the Janelia Mansion, famed for being the home of artist Vinton Pickens and her husband, writer and Associated Press correspondent Robert Pickens.  Ashburn was also where famed Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Wilson Pickett lived at the end of his life.

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