October 15

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: More Than Just Movies

If you are someone who loves to go to the movies, then you understand just how important a good movie theater can be. You can see a lot, the movie-watching experience is immersive, and you usually get some great prices. There is also a certain welcoming atmosphere that you find at a local movie theatre.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was founded in 1997 by Tim and Karrie League, a pair who always had a passion for film, food, and drinks. The mission/motto of Alamo is “good food, good beer and good film, all at the same place!” The first Alamo Drafthouse Cinema was created in the city of Austin, Texas. The original building featured one screen and was even hand built.

From that starting point, they have grown and changed, but they have always remained dedicated to a quality experience for their customers. Although it has many locations all across the country, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema works hard still to build the local feel in every location they offer, and that is exactly what they do for the Ashburn location as well.

Interaction and Special Offerings within the Local Ashburn Community

Besides their main service of being a local movie theater where Ashburn residents can go to see the latest big blockbusters, Alamo hosts a variety of special programs and movie series. They give the average movie goer something more than the biggest box office sensation of the week.

For example, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema likes to present a lot of new and innovative films, like smaller independent ones that premier only at annual film festivals. They aren’t afraid to show films that make you question the world and challenge your way of thinking. They also like to remember all the great films that have come before. They often do different events that showcase special classics. One of their most popular programs is their Afternoon Tea series, where they screen period films while serving treats and tea.

Another way that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is active in the local Ashburn community is through their support of local businesses. To do their part for the local economy, they often make efforts to hire local companies for services they need like building maintenance and ordering of food and other items. For example, when they need work done to repair their roof (which is important to protecting their valuable equipment), they might turn towards Ridgeline Roofers, which is locally based and specializes in roofing work.

They Craft a Fun Environment for Many Ages and Groups

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has often been praised for their attention to creating a unique environment that virtually any movie goer can feel comfortable and welcomed in. For example, a large demographic that comes to visit their Ashburn location is families. For this reason, it is naturally a very family friendly environment. But at the same time, they also provide an atmosphere where adults and young adults can come to relax, enjoy a couple of beers, and see a movie!

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