October 15

Cooper’s Hawk Restaurant

Cooper’s Hawk is a series of restaurants that take the casual upscale dining experience to the next level. They offer delicious meals that cater to every diet type. From vegan to gluten-free, everyone will be served with warm hospitality at Cooper’s Hawk.

What Is Casual Upscale Dining?

Casual upscale dining is the best of both worlds. It gives customers upscale and classy food with the service and friendliness of a casual staff. The experience toes the line between a fancy restaurant and family-friendly restaurant. It is the perfect medium because the food is of top quality, but it is not overpriced. The service is 5-star restaurant staff with the smile and friendliness of having a family dinner.

What Makes Cooper’s Hawk Stand Out?

Cooper’s Hawk has become widely known as a premier casual upscale dining establishment. They have their own winemaker who prepares all their wines with special Illinois-based grapes. These wines are specially created, packaged, and sent to locations all around the U.S. The wine is all grown and made in the United States, so there is no lack of quality in their beverages.

Cooper’s Hawk also hosts wine tasting events in their special wine room. These tasting sessions are more affordable than their extremely pricey counterparts but still offer the same amazing wine-based experience. The events are monthly, and Cooper’s Hawk takes pride in being able to provide the wine tasting to everyone who wants it (if they are of legal drinking age, of course).

What’s on the Menu?

 The menu is tailored to anyone who enters. There are options to make everyone feel as if they are a part of the Cooper’s Hawk experience. Their wine menu is extensive, boasting over 50 different varieties, all homegrown and uniquely flavored. They also offer other types of alcohol from domestic and international beers to specialty cocktails made in-house.

Of course, there are non-alcoholic beverages offered as well, for those under the legal drinking age. There is coffee, tea, and various different Coca-Cola products.

The appetizers give customers a taste of different cultures around the world, while also having a distinctly American flavor.

The entrees are divided by their main protein and range from juicy burgers to tasty fish dishes. There are also salad options for those looking for something lighter and healthier. They also offer most of their entrees in lunch sizes for a fraction of the price (in case you’re not feeling as hungry).

Lastly, Cooper’s Hawk desserts are to die for. They offer creamy cakes, melty sundaes, and even dessert wines to enjoy. The restaurant also offers a special kid’s menu, catering, and carry out if you call them or order online.

Restaurant Atmosphere

 Cooper’s Hawk is a perfect place for a date or a family night out for those in the Ashburn neighborhood. Their designs are chic and modern but add a touch of hominess to make customers feel classy but comfortable. If you love eating good food in a relaxed atmosphere, then you’ll love dining at this Ashburn restaurant.

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