September 29

Regal Countryside Stadium 20 Theater

Attending the cinema is one of those activities that everyone enjoys from time to time.  It could be that you want to take someone out for dinner and a movie for a first date, or you simply want to escape for a few hours and lose yourself in a great story while enjoying the cool air.  Whatever reason you might have for attending the movies, the Regal Countryside Stadium 20 in Sterling, Virginia is the place to go for films buffs.

First Run Films in a Stadium Setting

Regal Cinemas features 20 big screens, showing a wide variety of first run films.  All the theaters offer stadium seating, so there isn’t a bad seat in the house. Featuring Dolby Sound and showing certain IMAX films, cinema devotees know the sound quality will be top notch and the visual quality is so vivid, you will think you are watching something in person.   

International Films

Regal Countryside Stadium 20 caters to film lovers of many different cultures.  Not only do they present American and other English language films, but they also present some of the best films Bollywood has to offer.  Regal makes an effort to cater to the large Indian population by showing films in Telugu, Punjabi and Hindi, so that expat Indians are able to get a taste of home and the beautiful films of India.   

Retro Design

Regal Countryside Stadium 20 is a throwback to theaters of the 20th century.  The exterior has a slight art deco vibe to it, and like many older theaters, it is one of the anchors of a local mall.  Entering this Regal location is like stepping back in time to the days when Hollywood was still the home of glamour, and movie stars still had that air of mystique to them.   

Group Events and Private Screenings

Regal Cinemas offer up a wide variety of options for groups to attend the movies.  From hosting birthday parties for children to setting up private screenings for groups of 25 or larger, there are several options to choose from if you wish to attend the movies with a large group of people.   

Special Promotions

Regal Cinemas has a plethora of promotions available to people looking for a little more from their movie going experience.  From something simple like free refills on all large popcorn and soda purchases to discounted tickets, there is an offer for most everyone to take advantage of.  

There is also the Regal Crown Club, which offers participants discounted movie tickets as well as the opportunity to earn points towards free concessions and movie memorabilia.  Regal Countryside Stadium 20 also offers gift cards for those special occasions for that special somebody in your life.

No matter the reason for wishing to go to the movies, be it for a reminder of home with a foreign film or simply to escape reality and lose yourself in a blockbuster film, Regal Countryside Stadium 20 in Sterling, Virginia is the ideal place to see a film.  With its comfortable setting and multitude of different movie going options, you can’t go wrong when you attend a screening here.

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