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Volcano Island Waterpark

There are few things that are more enjoyable in the middle of summer than relaxing at a water park.  You can kick back on a reclining deck chair and soak up some rays before hopping into a pool for a refreshing dip to cool off and then do it again.  Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling, Virginia is home to one such place, the Volcano Island Waterpark. This Nova Parks masterpiece is the perfect place to escape a humid summer day in Virginia.  

Whether you decide to visit as a special treat or you have an annual pass and go there weekly, Volcano Island is designed for the entire family’s entertainment.  With an assortment of water features, an 18-hole miniature golf course, and a restaurant for when hunger strikes, this island themed waterpark will keep you wanting to come back time and time again.

Cool Off with Refreshing Water Features

Volcano island features two multi-story waterslides.  One is a 230-foot long open slide that takes you through multiple twists and turns before splashing down in one of the parks many pools.  The other water slide is a 170-foot closed slide, where you gather speed in total darkness only to be blinded by the sun reflecting off the water as you exit into one of their refreshingly cool pools.  No matter how many times you climb the steps to the top, you will never tire of sliding down, out of control towards the pool.

The centerpiece of Volcano island is a large pool featuring a 500-gallon dumping bucket.  This massive play feature consists of multiple open and tube slides, squirt guns, fountains, platforms to jump from and the oversized bucket that will surprise you with the massive deluge it produces.  Located in one of the shallower pools, this feature is fun for the oldest adults and the youngest children.

Another feature you can’t miss is the large main pool with enough space for everyone to enjoy.  This pool is ideal for swimming or simply floating around and socializing. There is even a small tree stump slide.  This short but fast ride has you gaining speed until you are spit out into four feet of cold water.

Lastly there is the splash pad.  This water feature is full of cannons, buckets, sprinklers and showers.  It is a great spot for the kids although parents will love it too.

Simon Says

Remember the old electronic game Simon you probably played as a child?  Well Volcano Island features its own version, the Neos game. Like the game Simon where you had to repeat the sequences that the computer picked for you, this attraction is almost the exact same except reproduced on a scale that is ten feet wide.  This free game is perfect for when you need a respite from the water and feel like drying off for a bit.

Beat the Heat and Enjoy the Shade

If you find yourself getting a bit waterlogged and need a break from the water, you can relax under the tiki themed canopies and enjoy watching the palm fronds blowing in the wind.  This is a great spot for those who wish to kick back with a book to help pass the day.

Not Just a Waterpark

While the aquatic features are what draws you to the park, there are other options to enjoy.  Next to the water portion of the park is an 18-hole miniature golf course. You can challenge your friends and family to a quick round and see if you can make a hole in one.

Dine in Paradise

Volcano Island features the Paradise Café, where visitors can choose from an assortment of foods that everyone loves.  Choose from pizza, burgers, hot dogs and even vegetarian options to fill your stomach. It doesn’t matter if you get messy either, because you can hop right back in the pool.

Group Fun

Volcano Island is perfect for throwing birthday parties or hosting other groups. They specialize in hosting groups of 10 to 25 people in one of the three separate areas designed for parties.  They offer packages featuring your choice of foods, refreshments and dessert as well as providing free invitations. Contact them ahead of time to plan a memorable experience for your child’s birthday.

Safety Comes First

All Nova Parks put an emphasis on safety.  Every pool features multiple lifeguards on duty, and their rules are designed to make sure that guests enjoy themselves in a setting that has minimal risk.  All staff are tested regularly to ensure they are always prepared for any situation. Volcano Island puts a premium on the professionalism of their staff, so that guests can be at ease and enjoy the park to the fullest extent.  In addition, all Nova parks are smoke free establishments. To learn more about the rules and regulations for Volcano Island and their entire family of water parks, visit the Nova Parks website.

Hours of Operation and Admission

Volcano Island is open every weekend from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  Once school lets out for the summer we are open daily, generally from 11am through 7pm. Check their website to see the exact hours and days they operate as these are subject to change based on factors such as the weather.  Admission varies depending on whether or not you reside in specific jurisdictions and group rates are available.  Annual passes are also available for individuals as well as for entire families that are valid at all Nova Parks.   Contact Volcano Island at (703)430-7683 for prices.

Summertime always presents a challenge for parents as they juggle work with keeping the kids occupied.  Parents are always looking for ways to entertain their children while not breaking the bank. As the temperatures rise and school lets out children will always want to do something fun while escaping the heat.  Volcano Island Waterpark in Sterling, Virginia offers the perfect solution for families looking to spend a day together or for anyone looking for an escape to a tropical paradise for the day.

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