September 29

Rebounderz – Big Fun in a Small Town

Sterling Park, Virginia is rich in history, which is only natural considering how close it is to Washington D.C. If you feel like you have seen it all in Sterling Park, from Algonkian park to Dulles International Airport to the Heritage Farm Museum, there might be something new for you.

It’s this little place called Rebounderz, and it is Sterling Park’s very own indoor trampoline park. These places came onto the scene about a decade ago, and they are a huge hit with both the kids and the kids at heart.

Indoor Bouncing Fun

Rebounderz is similar to those bouncy houses you’ve seen at kids’ birthday parties for years and years, except imagine an entire building like that!

One of the really cool things about Rebounderz is the different activities you can participate in while bouncing around. They offer dodgeball and basketball in addition to what they call “open jump”, which is what you typically would imagine in a trampoline park.

The most popular feature is definitely the ninja warrior course. Its layout is similar to the show, Ultimate Ninja Warrior, and participants can try out the hanging doors, slack line, quad steps, warped walls, and much more.

There are three levels of difficulty, so be sure to try a challenge that is appropriate for you and your kids. The highest level actually ends up being a pretty intense workout for adults!

Games and Chances to Win Prizes

In addition to their jumping sections, Rebounderz has a great arcade complete with claw machines, pinball machines, Skeeball, and a variety of the latest games. Rather than the traditional ticket/token system at most arcades, they utilize a sort of debit card that allows you to easily add “tokens” without carrying a big cup of coins around.s

The points earned from winning games are also stored on the card, so those long strands of paper tickets are a thing of the past. Their card system is simple and environmentally friendly.

Perfect for Kids…and Kids at Heart!

Rebounderz is the perfect place for kids. Summer camps are available for youngsters to participate in hours of jump time as well as numerous other fun activities including the ninja warrior course. They also give parents the opportunity to rent out the whole place for birthday parties.

For those parents with little ones, there is an option for you, too! Rebounderz offers “toddler time”, which is only $10 and allows you and your child under 5 to bounce around in a spot away from all the other commotion. That means you don’t have to worry about your toddler getting trampled by the bigger kids.

Considering the staff members have to deal with kids literally bouncing off the walls all day, they display the utmost professionalism and do everything to ensure you have the best experience.

And for those kids at heart, Rebounderz also offer corporate events. Renting out the facility for the day can be a great way for you and your coworkers to unwind, have some fun, and ultimately bond over this one-of-a-kind experience.

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